From 07/01/2019 to 07/05/2019

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - 43, bd du 11 novembre 1918 - 69622 Villeurbanne


A major challenge for scientists and engineers is to develop new reaction pathways which are efficient in terms of atoms, reaction steps, energy consumption and wastes, and more selective and safer. Catalysis plays a key role in the development of new reaction paths and requires of highly skilled professionals who are able to understand their principles and tools in order to pave the way from lab to industrial applications. With this objective, a catalysis training course is hosted every two years since 2013 at the LyonTech La Doua scientific campus, in Villeurbanne, which is mainly aimed at young researchers with interests in the field.

Catalysis has experience a relentless evolution since the 1950s. Many sophisticated tools and concepts have allowed and is allowing to achieve a better understanding of the mechanisms governing catalytic reactions. Even though different aspects of catalysis are generally taught within various Master’ programs in France and abroad, most of them does not describe in a extensively way and in detail, as the training course at the LyonTech does, the last development in the field, the main procedures for preparing, characterizing and testing the catalysts used for different purposes, the tools used for establishing kinetic models and the kind of reactors where the catalytic reactions proceed. In addition, the training course provides the trainees with practical sessions in the lab which would allow them to clarify concepts and a seminar where they can learn how experimental data can be efficiently fitted to kinetic models. Lyon is the only city in France hosting an internationally recognized centre of excellence in catalysis. Their well-consolidated teams are involved in all domains of catalysis, offering top quality teaching classes enriched with practical examples taken from their on-going research.

Our educational team, which mainly consists of teachers based on the centre of excellence in catalysis of Lyon, also includes foreign internationally recognized researchers and professors who are very active in the field of catalysis. All of them will use their expertise and the most recent developments in the field to support the presentations and practical sessions.

Chairwoman of the Organizing Committee